#1 Holga 135 Plastic 35mm Camera

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Features Detail:

  • Uses 35mm format film
  • Normal shutter setting 1/100 of a second and bulb shutter setting
  • 2 aperture settings, f/11 for sunny, f/8 for cloudy
  • Standard Tripod Mount, Hot Shoe Adapter, Lens cap and strap
  • Built in cable release adapter so there is no need for the shutter release set, a basic cable release will do
my favorite New in

The manufacturer of the Holga camera has created three new versions of their world famous camera in 35mm format. The new models are Holga 135 (Item #167-120), Holga 135PC (Item #168-120) and Holga 135BC (Item #170-120). The Holga 135 is a standard 35mm camera with similar features to the Holga 120N (item #144120) except that it includes a cable release adapter in the shutter release button. The Holga 135PC is similar except that in has a pinhole instead of a lens. The Holga 135BC is the same as the Holga 135 except that itincludes an internal mask to create a soft vignetting of the

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